Respected this recipe….I am a teacher, wife and mother of four so they did chicken speedy version and used 2 whitish cans chicken breasts….my son was starving so before we could even get mixture from skillet into rtillas he made one himself and got it immediately with a chilly tortilla…he admired it…I tried it too….so two meals in one….Thanks Amanda! I made this night for dinner and it was a success!! My husband respected them they have been definitely rich and creamy and sooo delicious! I lost the sight of them though and need to make them once more! Anyways, I tried these a few months ago after seeing them on your blog. As weird as it felt pouring whipping cream over it….it turned out fantastic! Thanks a lot! Consequently, how good to really please EVERYONE at dinner time without any complaints! Surely, made this a few nights ago for the family, it was a tal hit! Hope you feel fortunate about this dish!

If you are looking for a completely dairy free version simply substitute sharp cheddar cheese with some shredded vegan cheese, By the way I have searched with success for that aged cheeses have probably been easier to digest. With that said, this recipe is probably dairy free except for the sharp cheddar cheese that I used to p enchiladas. Honestly. On p of that, he nearly ok his fingers off. Keep reading! My husband, who was begging for enchiladas for months, absolutely LOVED these. Now regarding aforementioned fact… Big site! Doesn’t it sound familiar? This was a VERY straightforward recipe. Now I have to keep ingredients all on hand that probably was oftentimes. I am thrilled to tell you that they all turned out incredibly! One of my favorite things to do in the kitchen is to come up with good alternative ingredients to pretty old family recipes. Finally, recipes that still have wonderful all flavor and texture of comfort food without any unhealthy additives.For this recipe they experimented with making my own cream of chicken soup and sour cream.

My test kitchen said that it tasted simply like the conventional chicken enchiladas recipe.

Making this night and we may usually tell I know it’s might be good.

I’m using canned chicken being that it is easier. Basically, I have a three yr quite old and an one yr quite old and the quicker better. Yes, that’s right! I love this blog and should be trying additional recipes from here!! Have you heard about something like that before? Awesome job you 2! A well-reputed fact that is usually. I can’t wait to try a bit of your different recipes!!! Only one rethink they made was I added some bacon to chicken mixture. I made this night and it was PERFECT. Considering the above said. Thank you for sharing such yummy goodness.

I make an extremely akin version…but with canned chili peppers and one chipotle pepper.

Good Recipes!!

With that said, this has HEAT! But…before you roll the enchiladas…submerse any flour rtilla for about 30 seconds in Chicken broth…makes the rtillas oh so soft!!!! Your website is usually fantastic and fonts have probably been top-notch! It’s a well thanks for everything you have put into this site! I love how good our own recipes are probably to study and pictures. Thank you very much for sharing it! Furthermore, so it’s one of a few things they have ever made. I tried it a while back and simply haven’t stopped thinking about it so I made it for Sunday night dinner for my mom and husband and they adored it. Notice, I’m intending to make it in mass for church next weekend. Known I tried this recipe this past weekend. Of course I’m getting rid of all Chicken Enchilada recipies. Delicious! Usually, this one was always bomb! Then once more, it looks nearly as good as it tastes when you get it oven out. I was intending to post one myself showing if we were to use whipping all the pint cream.

Glad I’m not a solitary one who though whoa, that’s loads of cream.

Lucky to see it works and to trust it.

Glad I came across your comment. We enjoyed them during our college football game. I got plenty of compliments on my cooking, certainly it did Actually I was afraid to add whip cream. In reality, thank you for sharing. That’s where it starts getting intriguing, right? Cream cheese tops it all off. It simply shoots falvor through roof. Notice that nearly like a quite hot pocket kind of meal. On p of this, it as well has a little kick when you get the Rotel and chilies, it’s sweeter before spicy like normal enchiladas.

For awhile now!

On occasion we throw in blackish beans or use canned chicken.

We love them!!!! I love how quick and plain easy they have been. Thanks very much for sharing recipe., beyond doubt, usually turn out good. It’s one of my husband’s favorites. I love our blog and am trying more recipes this week I am sharing this one with my bloggie chums Know what guys, I will definitely be making these once again.

Simply tried this recipe previous night and they have been awesome. I served enchiladas with spainish rice and charro beans. HERE has partnered with Anna Walsh, who creates sugar-, gluten and ‘dairy free’ recipes, hereafter posts beautiful photos of them on Instagram at @healthylivingAnna gonna be posting a bit of her recipes here nearly any month. Fact, here’s the scrapbook page we made in her honor. She made it one night and brought it in for all of us. I was instantly hooked. Needless to say, I got this recipe from one of my students in recipe class they taught at scrapbook store. Becky. Thanks for sharing! You have always been soooo talented in plenty of fields. Oftentimes I should love a bit of this background paper for my card making and scrap booking. Although, this newest blog design has probably been smoking hot….it looks big. As a result, awesome job. You have always been so creative and talented!!!

I will definitely have to try the chicken version enchiladas.

We’re all fans of cheesy, creamy goodness…, Know what, I have a recipe my hubby and I truly savor.

Love newest design!!! So, I will definitely be making this once more with various different recipes from this site…THANK YOU!!! I made these previous night and it was DELICIOUS!!! Nonetheless, a single thing we did differently was use cheddar cheese spread before cream for any longer being that me and my hubby don’t care for cream cheese wow it was hmm good! Seriously. So this recipe was immensely straightforward to make.


Next year in my opinion they will add some corn or blackish beans and rice to it.

It makes it a lot easier when shopping for ingredients in the store too. My family enjoyed it. Thanks for posting with step-by-step pics. For example, I even made them for my daughter’s 13th birthday party last weekend and everyone was begging me for the recipe. I love our own enchiladas! I’ve had them made a great deal of unusual ways. My daughter and husband love this recipe too. It was good to for awhile being that we merely forwarded them your blog with recipe! Very nice work on this recipe and thank you, whenever once again. They have usually been better I’ve ever had, and I am an enchilada freak! I hope you don’t mind. Canned chicken worked out good. Now pay attention please. Thanks once again for such good recipes!!! Besides, I’m gonna try and make it a little healthier next month. My Hubby and we all respected them…I used canned chicken since I was pressed for time, and I added onion.

I made these a couple of weeks ago and they have been AWESOME!!

There’s nothing pretty like savory combination chicken blended in a creamy, mildly spiced white sauce, wrapped in a tortilla that has been topped with flavorful cheddar cheese.

Enchiladas have usually been a family favorite in our home. You see, everyone oftentimes agrees that it’s worth it, we oftentimes joke that it will get a year off our health every time you consume it. That said, this recipe is a favorite in my family for years. It’s a fantastic one!! Nevertheless, I was looking for a recipe for the sauce for chicken enchiladas and we wanted to use heavy whipping cream and came across your wonderful creamy, bubbly, cheesey enchiladas, my family liked it and we have left overs which I actually can’t wait to prepare day for lunch. Simply think for a moment. Thank you for sharing! I can’t say that about quite a great deal of recipes lately!